We wanted to do something a little different in this weeks blog, we wanted to show you “a day in life of a dancer” so we have let our brand ambassador Lexi Sheppard take over for this week.

🌈I’m Lexi Belle Sheppard one of the Dance On Tan ambassadors. I wanted to share with you all what a typical day is like for me. I dance 7 days a week but I chose a Saturday as that’s usually my busiest dance day. A lot of people wonder if I go to school during the week and yes I do..I love school 💖 

So on a Saturday, it’s an early start. My morning routine is always the same….

🌈 Breakfast

🌈 Warm up (different each day usually a run through of one or two of my many competitive dances. I have 8 stage solo dances and 14 highland/national dances)

🌈 Stretches – I have a daily stretch plan working a different area each day (feet, legs, core, back, shoulder and arms etc)

🌈 Wash/ teeth, hair and clothes

And then I’m ready to rock.

My dance school is The Phelan School of Dance and on a Saturday I wear my hair in a neat bun, a black leotard (today the Westminster from Angel Dancewear ) and black footless tights then I have a Phelan tracksuit which I wear over. My 3 year old sister also dances on a Saturday 👯‍♀️

We walk to dancing to get some fresh air and my first class is tap with my fab teacher Kirsty.
We are currently working on a dance for our annual show in January – it’s going to be a good one! 💖
Next up – hip hop – time to let loose and have loads of fun! Our show dance for hip hop is always super popular in the show! 3rd class is modern with Lisa and one of my fav classes 🤩

Finally I do a modern technique class where we work on improving technique – recently we have been working on leaps, jumps and turns – I even did a quadruple pirouette!

😄My final class on a Saturday is Acro with Angie and today was an epic one as I got my aerial for the very first time! I’ve been so scared trying to get this but finally overcame my fears today!!!
Next week I need to take it from the air track to the mats on the floor!

When I get home, my day isn’t over! I do some cool down exercises – mainly on my feet and legs and then I practise my vocals – I work with my vocal coach one a fortnight and I use my CD from my lesson to do my vocal exercises each day. 🎤🎶🎵

Once this is all done it’s time to relax, get my tea, get a bath and get ready for Strictly Come Dancing! I love it and My fav celebrity is Ashley Roberts and this week she got four 10’s for her Jive! Amazing!!!! 💤💤Then it’s off to bed for me….a big day tomorrow with a musical theatre Masterclass and another show dance lesson with Morgan I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and watching, keep up to date with my dance journey on my Instagram @dancer_lexib

Love Lexi 🌈

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