Getting a Flawless Tan

We will provide you with the best tips to make sure you get a flawless finish when using our Dance On Tan Performance Tan.
Its easy just follow our step by step guide below: –
1) Always patch test the product to ensure no irritation. Do this at least 48 hours before use. If irritation occurs do not continue with the application and discontinue use.
2) Use an exfoliator or if you have a Tan Eraser Mitt you can use this to exfoliate your skin this will help remove any old tan and soften any rough areas of skin.
3) Ensure your skin if free from make up and deodorant products.
4) Apply a non oil based moisturiser to hands, feet, knees and elbows ensure this is a very light application.
5) Pump the mousse onto a tanning mitt we recommend using the Marvel Mitt available on our website to purchase, this is a soft velour mitt allowing an even application.
6) Our Dance On Tan mousse has an instant guide colour to ensure that you can see where you have tanned and if you have missed any bit.
7) Now allow the product to work by leaving it on for approx 6-8 hours (ideally overnight).
8) You can wash off the guide colour to reveal your beautiful tanned skin or you can leave the guide colour on for a darker effect. The guide colour is made up of bronzers so is not waterproof.

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