Do you provide International delivery?

We currently ship to UK,Europe and beyond.  If you dont see you country option available please email us on and we can try to assist your delivery.

What delivery method is used?

We use a mix of Royal Mail and other couriers.  Mostly all our small parcels are shipped via Royal Mail on a 48 hour tracked service.  Larger orders may be shipped by a courier on a 48 hour tracked service.  All international shipping is sent via Royal Mail time scales differ by region should you wish to know a specific time scale please call us on 0800 978 8417 or email 

What is your returns policy?

Buyer must pay for return and products must be in the orignal condition and unused, returns must be made within 3 days of receipt.  Refunds well be issued once the product has been recieved back into our office.  Refunds can take up to 10 days depending on individual banks.

How long a shelf life does the product have?

Your tan should last approx 6 mths- if you wish to prolong the shelf life you should keep in a cool place.  You wil see green around the rim of your bottle after use, this is normal and is just the guide colour oxidising with the air, the guide colour does not determine your developed colour. 

How dark is the product?
The product can be washed off after overnight developing time or if you would like a deeper darker tan no washing required or reapply after washing off the 1st coat.
How long will my tan last?

Your Dance On Tan will natuarally last approximately 5 to 8 days, although this can be extended with careful pre and post tan care, although regular top-ups will ensure an all year round holiday glow. The more you look after your tan the better. Moisturise day and night.  You can follow the steps in our blog by clicking HERE

How does the our Dance On Tan product work?
The active ingredient is Dihydroxyacetone or DHA, an additive that darkens the skin by reacting with amino acids on the skin’s surface. This originates from plant sources such as sugar beets and sugar cane, or by the fermentation of glycerine. DHA is approved by the FDA, Foods, Drugs Administration who deem it safe for use on the skin, as are all the ingredients in our products.
I have sensitive skin. Can I use Dance On Tan?

Some people may have an allergy to DHA, and therefore, sadly to all sunless tanning product, however this allergy is very rare. We would always recommend a patch test to determine the product is safe to use. Occasionally we do have limited edition fragrances, if it is a new fragrance we always suggest you re patch test.

Will my tan protect me from U.V?
Simply no! Our Tan, as well as most other spray tans, contain no sunscreens and offer no protection from the sun’s harmful U.V. Radiation, so it is important that you still use a sun protection product with a level of SPF to suit your skin type and exposing your skin to direct sunlight.
How soon can I shower after applying the product?

Ideally 6 to 8 hours (unless using our Express Dance On Tan product which you can wash off after 1-3 hours), it is best to leave showering until the tan has had time to develop. If you can apply and leave over night this is recommended. Some surface bronzer will wash off during the first shower. Do not worry, this is completely normal, pat dry, do not rub. During the developing period, do not swim or exercise.

Will the product stain my dance costume?

We cannot guarantee that there will be no transfer to costumes, as this will be down to many variables. However we are happy to send you to our Facebook reviews where you will see lots of positive feedback regarding this subject.

How dark is the product?

The product is an extra dark formulation, however the depth of colour can be dependant on the amount of product you use on application. The product can be washed off after overnight developing time or if you would like a deeper darker tan no washing required or reapply after washing off the 1st coat.

How do I remove the product?

When the product has been on for 3 days it is more easy removed, we don’t recommended using any any harsh products to remove. Gentle exfoliation will help remove without damaging the skin.  You can also purchase a tan eraser and tan remover which will help with the ease of the removal.

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