Dance On Tan was born from the love of all things dance. We launched in March 2016, the competitive dance circuits never really had a product that was “theirs”; dancers used high street brands that Joe Public used.

There was a need for a product that made them feel that it belonged to them and the dance industry.  We now have 1000’s of customers who love our products, ballroom and latin dancers, freestyle disco dancers, stage performers and other competitive styles. 


Q. What makes tan important in dance?
Q. Who wears tan when dancing?
Q. What is lacking in the tans you currently use?

The need for tan when dancing is that it helps define the muscle tone, meaning that in the competitive styles your technique can be seen very easily as the muscles stand out much more.

Mostly all competitive dance genres wear tan, appearance is a big thing in competitions and you need to look “the part”

THE  feedback WE GOT.

“Didn’t wash off well, were patchy and scaly when washing off”
“They weren’t dark enough”
“The High Street brands were expensive”
“There was no feeling of belonging or celebration of dance”


So we decided our brand had to be fun, funky and offer our customers a product that was dark, washed off well and that as a brand we celebrated all things dance – and here we are 😀 

Moving forward we are developing new lines to our brand all the time, we are working on product development and expanding into new marketplaces.  We currently ship within the UK and Europe via our own website and through a network of stockists (you can find your nearest stockist on our stockist finder)

We are excited for our future and we hope you will take the journey with us as a Dance On Tan customer

xox Mrs Dance On Tan xox

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